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Artists (and Writer) extention;

We have had some feedback that we're not giving artists a whole lot of time to get their stuff done, so we're extending the deadline a little. More information will be going up with the summaries later on this week (we're just waiting on person to get back to me. If I haven't heard from them by Friday, the summaries will go up then, along with information about the extended deadline.

I hope this gives you all enough information, and I apologise for the push back of the summary post!
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hey! i am still in, and very much looking forward to sharing my fic soon! i'm just worried because i have a very busy job starting at the beginning of june, and i am not sure when i'll best have time to post if the posting date gets pushed back more than about a week and a half. will i be able to work with you guys to get assigned a posting date that works with my tight schedule?