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I know that some of you have submitted already, but drafts are due to be submitted today! Please do not panic; due to the lack of time, I've extended draft hand-in till Wednesday. As long as it is still Wednesday when you submit, you are good to go! You need to have completed at least 50% of the minimum word count and have a basic outline of your story for your artist/mixer/podficcer to be able to work from.

Please put in the subject line: “TFA Draft: Author name”

In the body of the email please use this format for your summary: (IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED please send another email with the following:)

Author(s): Use the LJ/DW/AO3 name you signed up with
Words written so far: words written/percentage % (best estimate)
I give permission for my story to be claimed for podfic: yes/no
Summary: (100 words or less)

Please attach your story and send to If you are sending as a gdoc, please authorise tfabigbang to view your story to verify your word count.

You can send it in anytime from now until the end of April 27th. Summaries will be posted on the 29th for claiming on the 30th. Posting will begin on May 25th.

If you have any issues with these dates, email the mods and we’ll try to resolve any issues.
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It’s check in day for authors! I need to know that you guys are on track.

Comment with:

It doesn't matter where you are, we just like to know how you're doing!

As always contact me at if you have any questions and concerns. We're always happy to help!

eta; Sorry guys! I accidentally c/p-d the artist one instead of the writers one! Apologies.


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