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[mod post] Artists Claims: OPEN!

Hey everyone, time for summaries! We only have a few fics here, but that just means they're open for more than one person!

Artists, mixers and podficcers will be able to claim multiple summaries, up to 3, and in the interest of saving time, you’ll nominate your top 3 picks, as well as how many you want to claim overall. When claims open I’ll allocate the first round. After that, I'll keep going until all summaries have an artist/all artists have a fic. As we're pretty small this time around, hopefully this will work out well!

As always, any questions email me at

When claiming you’ll need to use the following format:

I will be doing art/mix/podfic:
I will be claiming ? number of summaries to do art/mix/podfic for:
Top 3 picks:

Comments on this post are diasabled until claims open on 8th May at around 3pm (BST). If you have any questions about this, comment here: this post.


Title: First Awakenings
Words written so far: 94,599 (97%)
I give permission for my story to be claimed for podfic: Yes
Pairing(s): Finn/Poe, Jess/Rey, Han/Leia
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Descriptions of naval battles/violence
Summary: In the D’Qar district of the city of Illenium, Finn and Rey have lived their lives largely content, Finn helping their guardian manage and maintain the social centre of the district, and Rey designing ships. When the arrival of a naval flotilla brings new faces to the town, a series of events are set into place which promise to bring change to the lives of everyone involved, in particular those of Finn and Rey, and two officers in the naval fleet. Regency AU


Title: The Courtship of Maddy's Father
Words written so far: Approx. 24,000
I give permission for my story to be claimed for podfic: Yes
Pairing(s): Poe Dameron/Finn, Jessika Pava/Rey
Rating: R
Warnings: None.
Summary: Poe finds love on a dating website, but telling Finn he has a child isn't so easy. Even when that's the easier secret to tell. Written for the prompt: Person A is looking on dating sites for a girlfriend/boyfriend, when they meet Person B, and they hit it off fast. They build a great relationship over time, until A suggests meeting up in person. Unable to keep it a secret any longer, B confesses to A after meeting up that they have a child(ren). It’s up to the author if things go downhill from there or not.


Title: A Symphony of Birdsong
Words written so far: 52185, 100% plot-wise (might tweak still or add things, but nothing will be subtracted)
I give permission for my story to be claimed for podfic: Yes
Pairing(s): Poe/Finn, brief mentions of Poe/OCs
Rating: E
Warnings: Mentions of minor OC deaths (past incarnations), description of one such death, expanded canonical interrogation scene
Summary: Soulmate reincarnation AU. Finn and Poe can't deny something is drawing them together; they feel it lingering like a shadow. Can they figure out their new life together, or will this be yet another unhappy ending? (Canon-compliant with TFA movie.)


Title: Nothing but kindness
Relationship: Poe Dameron/Finn
Characters: Poe Dameron, Finn, Original Child Character, BB-8, Karé Kun, Muran (mentioned), mentions of SWTFA characters
Word count: ~43 000 and counting (about 2/3 done)
Rating: T
Warnings: minor character death, dealing with trauma, dealing with grief, mentions of past child abuse
Summary: It is never too late to start living the way you always wanted. Two years after an accident that left him widowed Poe Dameron finds himself with a house in the suburbs, a white picket fence, a very fat cat, and a skittish little girl to take care of. But it’s not easy for Poe to give someone a safe, stable home when he is still struggling with his grief – and that is certainly not the end of his problems. To absolutely no one's surprise, one Mr Finnegan Jones, a kind and supportive (and unfairly handsome) social service worker, brings in as much trouble as he is of help.

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